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Following the popularity of computer networks and the continual upgrades of information processing technology, there is now virtually no limits for network information transmissions. Undoubtedly, the server is the soul of a computer network which processes numerous network data day in and day out and is naturally more demanding in terms of power requirements computers in general. Any increase of power network load, excessively low voltage, unstable frequency or even a sudden power-off can interrupt normal network operations! 
In line with the power requirements for network system, WARD has developed a new generation of on-line intelligent UPS, tieds UPS, UPS battery backup---GOLD Series 1K, 2K, 3K UPS. Its uses the Motorola microprocessor with robust processing power which is capable of detecting and controlling quickly and accurately all movements of the UPS to ensure high product reliability. In addition to providing the network with power protection for virtually zero interruption, regulated voltage and regulated frequency, interference-resistant capability and filtering of noisy signals, under normal conditions, utility power obtains via AC-DC circuit the DC bus voltage which is then converted to 220V AC output via the inverter, so as to safeguard the data over the entire network. Therefore, the power used by the load is the purified sine wave power via regulated voltage and regulated frequency with noisy signals filtered. Furthermore, WARD GOLD Series 1K, 2K, 3K UPS, tieds UPS, UPS battery backup are connected through the RS232 communication port to WARD Power Management software for power detection and power monitoring, to integrate UPS and the network server into one entity with power status available at any time. Moreover, it achieves the intelligent functions such as timer-controlled self-inspection, automatic disk-saving, automatic timer-controlled power-on and power-off and record of power status etc., to achieve the zero distance of communication between the user and UPS. Whenever utility power supply is interrupted, the UPS, tieds UPS, UPS battery backup will inform the server immediately and gets ready for switching off the unit and saving automatically all data before performing the normal power-off instruction. Even in an unattended network environment, the UPS can still ensure data safety of the network system.


Servers, Data-Center Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom...


. True on-line double conversion technology with advanced microprocessor control
. Wide input voltage range
. Zero transfer time
. Protection against all type of power problems
. Self test while start of the UPS
. Site wiring fault warning
. On-battery power-on function
. Smart RS232 communication interface
. Intelligent slot available
. Sealed lead-acid, maintenance free battery 

tieds UPS, UPS battery backup


Product Series GOLD
Model G1K G2K G3K
Rated Power VA/W 1kVA / 0.7kW 2kVA / 1.4kW 3kVA / 2.1kW
Input Nominal Voltage 220VAC
Voltage  Range 115 ~ 300VAC
Frequency Range 46~54Hz(default), user adjustable within 40~60Hz
Power Factor 0.97
Connection IEC320-10A inlet IEC320-16A inlet
Output Voltage 220VAC ± 2%
Frequency 46~54Hz or 50Hz ± 0.2Hz (Line mode)
50Hz ± 0.2Hz ( Battery mode)
Waveform Sine Wave
Distortion 3% 4%
Overload Capability 108%~150% for 30 sec., ³150% for 300 ms
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Connections IEC320 * 4 IEC320 * 6 IEC320 * 3 and
Terminal Block
Battery Type Sealed, Maintenance free, Lead-Acid (Panasonic)
Quantity 3 pieces 8 pieces
Back-up Time (Full load) 5 min 9 min 5 min
Recharge Time 5 hrs to 90% of capacity after full load discharge
Bypass Automatic Transfer on overload and UPS failure
Before UPS Power-on Default “NO”, user adjustable to “YES”
Voltage  Range 80~264VAC (Default), user adjustable within 80~286VAC
Transfer Time 0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa
LED Indicators Status Load level / Battery level, Battery , Utility Power, Inverter, Bypass, Overload, Fault
Bypass, On battery mode, Battery low, Overload, Fault
Acoustic Noise At 1 meter distance 45 dBA 50 dBA
Communications DB-9 Port RS-232 Serial Interface
Intelligent Slot Options: WebPower, AS400 Card or WinPower CMC
Network Surge Protection RJ45 I/O port available for network or Fax/Modem
Environmental Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity 20 ~ 90% non-condensing
Weight Net (Kg) 13 31.5 32
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 145 x 400 x 220 192 x 460 x 348

G1KS, G2KS & G3KS for longer Backup time with additional Battery Packs are available, please consult local distributors.


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