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TSD-10K intelligent type ac voltage stabilizer


TSD series intelligent A C voltage stabilizer , which is developed by our company adopts 8 - position CPU manufactured by the world-famous Samsung Company. It has kinds of protections against time-lag, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload and excess temperature and so on, uses hanging type installation for requiring small area. Besides, its soft appearance gives us a favorable visual feeling.


For office equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household
appliance, lighting system, communication system, etc.


 lnput voltageSingle-phase 150V-270V Delay timeLong 180S,short 5s
 Output voltageSingle-phase 220v Overload protection value1.05times of rated power/60s
1.4times of rated power/5s
2times of rated power/0s
 Accuracy of voltage  stabilization±5% Excess temperature  rotection  value100℃
 Frequency50Hz/60Hz Ambient temperature-5℃--+40℃
 Adjusting time<1s (when input voltage has a change of 10%) Relative humidty≤90%
 Efficiency>90% Waveform distortionNo additional waveform distortion
 Over-voltage  Protection value①250Vdelay5S;②275V/delay 2s③295V/delay 1s④305V/0s  Load power factor0.8
 Dielectric strength1500V/min
 under-voltage  protection value180V/delay 5s lnsulation resistance≥2MΩ


Model and spec

Model Output Power Outline(L*W*H) Net Weight
TSD-3K 3KVA 38*25*15cm 27kg
TSD-5K 5KVA 40*28*17cm 32kg
TSD-8K 8KVA 40*28*17cm 40kg
TSD-10K 10KVA 40*28*17cm 45kg


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