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2015-04-08Source: Mingch Electrical

1, the output voltage of the relative harmonic content (also known as the output voltage distortion), with THD is usually said that the ratio of the total harmonic content of the fundamental rms rms, when the load is rated input voltage distortion to meet benchmarks when the condition (typically less than 3%), the lowest value in the input voltage, measuring output voltage rating and the highest degree of distortion, whichever is greatest. this value is smaller the better.
2, the regulator has an input voltage range. IEC standard for the input voltage varies within ± 10% of nominal value. Our product range is input ± 15%. Beyond the audible alarm does not automatically make the output voltage stability in the required range.
3, the output voltage regulation, input voltage regulator output changes caused by the effect of the change, when the rated load when the input voltage range according to source voltage rating up by the upper and transferred to limit down value, a maximum output voltage variation measurements (±%). This value is smaller the better, is an important indicator to measure the performance of AC voltage regulator.